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The classic ‘What’s on my head?’ game written especially for children to play and enjoy.

This parlour game has four categories of cards – people, sports, transport and animals. Each player puts on a plastic card holder headband – these are adjustable so they fit heads of different sizes. Then each player takes a card and without looking at it slots it into their headband. Each card has an image on it, for example a lion, a fire engine or a balloon and then each player has to guess ‘what’s on their head’ by asking a series of searching questions, where the answer can only be yes or no. As well as being great fun, the game teaches children to consider what question they need to ask in order to help them guess the answer.

The cards are graded for younger and older children and so can be played by children of different ages at the same time, making this a prefect party or family game. The player with the most cards correctly identified is the winner. This game is for 2 – 4 players and suitable for ages 5 years and up.

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